Take Action on Mass Immigration!

If you are concerned about the deception being passed as factual information by the radical special interest open borders network...

If you are concerned about the consequences of unending illegal immigration to future generations of Americans...

If you support enforcement of the rule of law in the United States...

Take action!


Here are some simple things you can do: 

At the National Level

1.  Contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators. There are certain national organizations you can join that will facilitate your efforts such as NumbersUSA, which allows you to send free faxes to Congress and provides talking points for phone calls, and FAIR, which provides talking points for writing letters to Congress.  Both organizations provide timely alerts and information.

2.  Visit the state-based offices of your U.S. Representative and Senators. Meeting with a Member or staff is the most powerful way of communicating your immigration-related message, particularly if you are accompanied by others.

3.  Attend town-hall meetings with your U.S. Representatives and Senators. Speak out on the issue of immigration sanity.


At the Local Level

1.  "All politics is local".  Contact your state Representative and Senator and tell them that it is important to address benefits for illegal aliens at the state level.  Very few people contact their state public servants and this will have an impact.

2. Contact your local Sheriff and encourage your county to participate in the federal 287(g) program where local authorities work with ICE to identify and detain illegal aliens.

3.  Join a state-based immigration reform group.  This web page contains a comprehensive list of state-based groups.  Although we are not affiliated with that organization, the list is a good reference.


On the Internet 

1.  Most newspapers have websites where you can post comments on articles. Some newspapers like the Examiner are predominantly web-based.  Post follow-up comments to articles discussing mass immigration.  

If an article author displays bias, such as using the term "anti-immigrant", point out their error and also send a copy of your comments to the author and the newspaper editor.

If an author demonstrates lack of knowledge on the issue and misstates facts or quotes one of the radical La Raza open borders groups as a definitive source, politely correct them.  Send them an email with more facts and detail, and copy the editor.

2.  The radical open borders network is fond of posting personal character attacks on their websites and blogs across the internet.  Post follow-up comments that correct the disinformation presented in their hit pieces.  Post your own articles on various blogs.

3.  Email relevant information to your friends.  Tell them about this website.


Learn Nore

1.  Several organizations provide well-researched and credible information.  These include:

NumbersUSA.com - easy to understand explanation of the consequences of unending mass immigration

Federation for American Immigration Reform - good presentation of immigration facts and issues

Center for Immigration Studies - well-researched studies on mass immigration

Pro-English - supports English as the official language at all levels of government

English First - supports English as America's official language


2. Here are a few of the many websites that provide credible information on the issue of immigration:

14th Amendment and birthright citizenship 

American Patrol - news and video feed

American Border Patrol - comprehensive expose on the border fence cover-up

Americans for Better Immigration - Congressional report cards plus Presidential candidates 

Society for American Sovereignty - information on globalism and the North American Community 

DesertInvasion.us - articles and photos of the invasion and border destruction. 

The Environmental Movement's Retreat from Advocating U.S. Population Stabilization 

Immigration's Human Cost -the human tragedy of illegal immigration

The Social Contract - books, publications, and The Social Contract journal that focuses on our responsibility to future generations

Here is a comprehensive list of websites and resources.  Although we are not affiliated with that organization, the list itself is a good reference.