SPLC - References

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[14] Charity Navigator gave the SPLC an overall rating of only one star out of five and a score of only 39 in 2004. The SPLC received a one star rating in 2003 and a two star rating in 2002. 2006 through 2008 ratings were three stars.
[15] The American Institute of Philanthropy's Charity Watch gave the SPLC an overall rating of F from 1999 through August, 2009.

Rating Guide for the SPLC (August, 2009):
5.4 years of available assets. Target is 3 or less.
$170,240,000 recent fund balance
B- grade on services and costs
F grade reduced based on high asset levels.

Rating Guide for the SPLC (December, 2008):
7.2 years of available assets. Target is 3 or less.
$219,552,000 recent fund balance
B- grade on services and costs
F grade reduced based on high asset levels.

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[24] "Blinded by the Lies" 5 part video interview with Jim Floyd exposing Dees' alleged personal background (undated) [this website makes no claim as to the accuracy of the opinions expressed in the interview]
Video part 1     part 2     part 3     part 4     part 5

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