The Details

The following items reveal the details as to how the radical La Raza open borders lobby distorts facts and the truth in order to promote their ethnic agenda.


Code Words of Hypocrisy

Open borders extremists and special interest groups are making every attempt to redefine terminology used to discuss immigration in the United States and to paint those who espouse immigration sanity and enforcement of our immigration laws as hate based racists. Read more

The SPLC - Follow the Money

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) promotes itself as a dedicated watchdog of hate and racism in America, pitching a perpetual message that the nation is boiling over with intolerance, hate and racism.  The truth, according to many well-researched exposés, is that the incredibly wealthy Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) shamelessly panders to peoples' fears and profiteers from liberal White guilt in order to line its overflowing coffers.

Read more about how the SPLC has invented a new hate based racism in order to achieve their goals. Read more

Case Study in Disinformation - Dr. John Tanton

It would be hard to find a man who is more concerned and dedicated to the future in which our children will live than John Tanton. Yet in perusing the internet, one quickly discovers a plethora of hate related copy-cat articles and blog entries that attack not the issues of mass immigration, overpopulation, and societal responsibility, but rather attack John Tanton as an individual.  Read more

A Case Study in Personal Attack - Peter Gadiel

In a May 4, 2009 article published on the Center for New Community website titled "Holocaust Denial, Swine Flu, Invasions, and the Rise of Anti-Immigrant Con Men", Erik Ward published an incredibly dishonest and vicious hit piece attacking Peter Gadiel. In response to Erik Ward's debased attack, Peter Gadiel published a response that clearly exposes the ludicrousness of Erik Ward's hate piece. Read more

Case Study in Personal Attack - Prof. Ben Zuckerman

Another example of the personal attacks that are so common of the radical open borders network is a hate attack directed against Prof. Ben Zuckerman.  Read more