CNN Interview with Ben Zuckerman

Zuckerman's CNN Interview

On August, 5, 2009, CNN's Casey Wian interviewed Professor Ben Zuckerman on Lou Dobbs Tonight.1,2  From the interview transcript:

Ben Zuckerman is a UCLA professor and former board member of the Sierra Club. He says environmental groups have long ignored the threat of population growth.
PROF. BEN ZUCKERMAN, UCLA: The mainstream environmental movement has entirely dropped the ball on this issue. And I think that's really been a disaster for our country.
WIAN: He points to books advocating greener living.
ZUCKERMAN: They list literally hundreds of sort of trivial ways in which one can reduce one's environmental impact on the earth, but they don't even mention population.
WIAN: The Sierra Club declined to speak with us about the impact of population, as did other environmental groups.
The Oregon State researchers say it's important to continue efforts to reduce everyone's so-called carbon footprint, but they conclude that 'Clearly the potential savings from reduced reproduction are huge compared to the savings that can be achieved by changes in lifestyle.'
In other words, according to EPA figures, having a child in the United States, over time, theoretically produces the greenhouse gas equivalent of burning more than 1 million gallons of gasoline.
WIAN: UCLA's Zuckerman says the U.S. government could and should be doing more to encourage limited reproduction and population growth, including controlling immigration, educating the public about the impact of multiple child families, and perhaps even structuring child tax credits to reduce tax breaks for larger families."