About This Website

About the Center for Immigration Truth website: this website was created to present the truth behind the agenda and hate tactics of the radical open borders network in the United States of America. The primary objective of the open borders network is to increase their political power by obtaining a repeat of the "one-time" 1986 amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who have escaped capture at our borders and are now living and working in the United States in violation of American law.

We can stop the hate

We can stop the hate attacks made by open borders radicals. The process is really quite simple. Telling the truth is a key component, as is exposing the contrived hate accusations directed at proponents of United States immigration law enforcement.

What is the La Raza Open Borders Network?

Translated into the English language, "La Raza" meas "THE RACE".1

The La Raza open borders network represents the well-funded far-left anti-enforcement mob that is "the other side" of the majority of Americans. This vast majority of Americans urgently seeks defined, defended borders, rational and sustainable lawful immigration and a return to the rule of law upon which our republic was founded.

A few of the organizations and websites in the radical open borders network include: 

A common theme that runs across these websites and other open borders websites and blogs is that of personal hate attacks against those who stand for immigration sanity and enforcement of our immigration and employment laws. 

The clear intent of these personal attacks is two-fold:  

  1. To intimidate and silence those who want United States immigration laws enforced and the issue of legal and illegal immigration to be honestly debated, and 
  2. To pepper the internet with false information, hate, innuendo and guilt-by-association attacks, so as to fool the uninformed reader and the media into marginalizing the true immigration reform message - and then refer back to these self-invented allegations as a method of "proof".

This website exposes those tactics for what they are. It's time to stop the hate attacks.

About our Banner Image

The banner image montage expresses concern for the direction our country is taking - how special interest identity-based politics is increasingly undermining the principles of the rule of law upon which our country were founded. The Statue of Liberty was erected to stand as a symbol of freedom and liberty to the world, yet its symbolism is being usurped by those who want unending illegal mass immigration to serve special interest agendas.

We believe, as do the huge majority of Americans that immigration into the United States should be sustainable, regulated and serve to benefit America and Americans.

The image of the placard reading: " THIS IS OUR CONTINENT, NOT YOURS!" is an actual photo taken from numerous rallies and angry protests staged by defiant illegal aliens and their leaders who insist that North America belongs to them and that other groups are trespassing. The reader can see and learn more about this extreme and un-American agenda here and here.  


How this Website was Created

This website was developed using a state-of-the-art content management framework. Unique HTML, CSS, artwork and textual content were custom-created for this website.


[1] "La Raza", Wikipedia
(website visited July, 2009)